About Y-Tribes

Y-Indian Guides

A Brief History

In 1926 Harold S. Keltner, a YMCA director in St. Louis, developed the father and son Y-Indian Guide program to support the father’s vital family role as teacher, counselor, and friend to his son.

In 2003, the National YMCA has retired the Y-Indian Guides program. The YMCA of central Ohio developed a replacement Y-Tribes program.

What is the YMCA Y-Tribes?

In the YMCA Y-Tribes program, parents lead, direct, supervise, influence and teach while presenting opportunities for children to explore the world around them. The program is a side-by-side journey in the early years - K through 3rd grade - within the context of a small community called a Tribe.

What is the Kilbourne Council?

Sponsored by the YMCA of Central Ohio, the Kilbourne Council consists of several tribes totaling approximately 50 fathers and sons from the Worthington, Dublin, Westerville and Olentangy school districts. Throughout the year we participate in many fun events, most of which are commemorated with cool patches.

What kinds of things will we be doing?

You will join a tribe or small group of fathers and sons from your school or a neighboring school. While, we use these tribes to keep the Council organized and often bunk up with guys from our own tribe, by no means does this limit who we interact with. All activities are open to all tribes! Here is a partial list of the things you can do.

Very few who join leave prior to graduation - and for good reason!

You both will develop a close friendship and share meaningful activities together.

It does not represent a major time commitment - activities are spread out over the year, and you attend the ones you can.

To join or for more information, contact one of our chiefs (contact info here).