A Typical Tribal Meeting

"We father and son through friendly service to each other, to our family, to this tribe, and to our community, seek a world pleasing to the eye of the Creator".

  1. To be clean in body and pure in heart
  2. To be "Friends Forever" with my father/son
  3. To love the sacred circle of my family
  4. To be attentive while others speak
  5. To love my neighbor as myself
  6. To seek and preserve the beauty of the Creator's work in forest, field, and stream

Closing Prayer

Tribe gathers in a circle ...

And now ...
May the spirit of this council ...
And the spirit of friendship ...
Be with you ...
Now ...
And forever.
(finger pointing toward the ground)
(finger circling up, imitating smoke)
(arms stretched out)
(finger pointed across circle)
(finger down)
(action of shooting a bow & arrow)

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